[2019] Elena Colombo (New class): Roses of Eyam

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[2019] Elena Colombo (New class): Roses of Eyam

A view of the Minack

The Roses of Eyam

Director: Don Taylor

PLOTThe play was set in Derbishire in the 17th century. It is based on the true story of a village where the plague killed almost all of the villagers. After a big box full of plague-ridden clothes arrived from London many villagers started to die. The survived people wanted to leave the village but the old and the young rector convinced their peasants to stay in order not to spread the plague. In the end most of the villagers died but their courage saved the life of many other English people. There were a lot of actors on the stage but the most important were a few: the old and the new rector, a crazy boy who pretended to predict the future and finally two young lovers.


My ReviewThe story of the play was really interesting and it was new to me but I think the show lasted too long, it lasted almost 3 hours, and most of the scenes were too slow. Then the actors often spoke in Old English so it was difficult to understand every dialogues. I liked the costumes and also the scenery because it was simple and essential.In conclusion, I didn't enjoyed the play really much but it was a nice experience and I would recommend this play to people who are really interested in History plays.


Some live music