Rose Greenhow

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Rose Greenhow

Ms. O'neal

"Wild" Rose O'neal Greenhow-A Civil War Spy

Interesting and Important Facts-Born in Maryland in 1817-Rose Lived in the North, but was a spy for the South-Rose sent an important crypted message during the battle of Bull Run to General P.G.T. Beauregard, when he received it he was able to almost immediately win the battle-When Rose was caught spying for the South she was put on house arrest. She was later put in a prison then finaly she was sent to the South, where she was warmly greeted byJefferson Davis-Rose was sent to Europe to promote the Confederate cause, while she was there her memoirs, or auto-biography, was published. It was very popuar there and she received payment and rewards in gold.-In 1864 Rose was leaving for home, but she was being persued by a Union ship so she fled on a lifeboat. The small boat capsized and she drowned because of they weight of all the gold she had on her. She was buried with full millitary honors.

Interview Questions 1. What was the message you sent to the General?2. Do you take credit for winning the battle of Bull Run?3. If you could do it all over again, would you?

Ms. Greenhow and her daughter, Rose

How she changed the Civil War Some people consider her the reason the South won the battle of Bull Run. If she had not sent the encrypted message (see important and interesting facts) the Union easily could have won the battle. How she still impacts life todayWe still have Rose's memoirs today. If she didn't contribute so much to the battle of Bull Run the North could have won and they could even have won the Civil War could have ended sooner, which would be a big difference in casualties and also how we learn about the Civil War.


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