Rose Fortune

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Rose Fortune

Personality TraitsRose Forune can be descibed as:-bold-determined-intent-purpoiseful-firm

Birth And DeathRose Fortune was born in Virginia in 1774.Rose Fortune was born into slavery, so there are no records of where she was born.Rose Fortune died in 1864 at the age of 90.Her funeral was at St.Lukes Anglican Church.At the age of 10, Rose Fortunes family moved to Nova Scotia.

SignificanceWhen Rose Fortune was new to Canada she started a small buisness to help boat passengers to get their luggage home or to a hotel.Rose Fortune also started an alarm system in hotels to let people know when the boat they needed to go on was leaving.Rose was an unofficial police officer after only a few years in Canada because she had begun to enforce the law.Then she was later on considered and official police woman.

Rose Fortune



ObstaclesObstacles that Rose Fortune had to face are things like moving from one place to another.Rose Fortune had to overcome the fact that she had moved away from the only life that she knew, and being placed in a completley different inviroment.These changes must not have been very hard to overcome because she and her family had run away from slavery and entered a free city.

Quote(I was not able to get a quote from Rose Fortune, but here is what someone semed to have said about her)"I was aided in my hasty efforts to quit the abominable inn by a curious old Negrop woman, rather stunted in growth...and dressed in a mans coat and felt hat. She had a small stick in her hand wich she applied lustily to the back of all who did not jump instantly out of her way."

Major eventsMajor events in Rose Fortunes life are when she escaped with her family from slavery, then only a few years later she started two buisnesses.The buisness she started were carrying luggage for people who needed to get home or to a nearby hotel. In her second buisness she alerted the people in the nearby hotels that the boat that they wanted to go on was leaving. I think that this was a major event in her life because when she started her buisnesses in Canada, she started her new life in Canada.

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