Rose DeWitt-Bukater

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Rose DeWitt-Bukater

In the movie Rose finds out that these people found a neckalce near the sinken titanic. Rose tells those people that she was one of the passengers and the story.

Fast Fact - Rose DeWitt Bukater (who later became known as Rose Dawson Calvert 1895-1996) is the heroine in Titanic and the love interest of Jack Dawson.

Rose DeWitt-Bukater

This is when they meet

Rose finnaly fell in love with Jack.

Titanic is sinking and she's scared!

Rose in the movie, is engaged with Cal, but she soon wants to kill herself. So she goes in front of the titanic ship and is about to fall off. But Jack comes to stop her and they both fall in love. Though does Cal like it? Find out!

Rose just got rescued.

Has dinner with Jack and her family.

Hometown: Phildaphia, Pennsylvania Religion: Christian

Once the titanic started sinking, she had to go save Jack, so she did. They were both terrified, but knew they would make it. But did Jack make it?

Nicknames:Sweet Pea (by Cal)Darlin' (by Molly)

What happens to Rose after she gets rescued from the titanic?


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