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Rosalind Franklin

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BiographyFranklin grew up in England and attended one of the only girls schools in London that taught chemistry and physics. This is where her love of science was developed and she decided to become a scientist. She attended Newman College in Camridge, and later worked for British Coal Utilization Research Association, This became the jumping off point for her doctorate in Physicl Chemistry.

Maurice Wilkins* Second in charge in John Randall's lab. Held resentment towards Franklin..* Shared Frnklins work with Watson & Crick who stole her work and took credit for it.

Motivation.Frankiln had a natural passion to be a scientist. After receiving her doctorate she studied X-ray difration techniques in Paris. She then returned to England where she became a research associate in John Randall's lab. There she led a DNA research team.

X-ray diffraction as done by Rosalind Franklin

Spirit of the Time* Women were not accepted as scientists.* Rosalinds' peers did not look at her as such.* Being a female scientists was very tough during this time period.* Forced to stop working in the DNA project.

Unfair Treatment

Other Interests

Rosalind Franklin

* After the theft of her DNA research she began to focus on viruses. "she published 17 paper in five years."* Pioneered structural virology.

Image of carbon fiber

July 25, 1920 - April 16, 1958

Double Helix

Scientific Contribution* Woked on improving the efficiency of burning coal & charcoal.* Pioneered the use of X-ray diffraction to create images of crystalized solids.* Used her X-ray diffraction techniques to make "the most beautiful X-ray photos of any substance ever taken"..* These techniques allowed her discover the basic stucture of DNA.* Laid foundation for structural virology.


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