[2015] Katherine Ledford: Rosalind Franklin

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[2015] Katherine Ledford: Rosalind Franklin

Reported that they had purified the transforming principle in Griffith's experiment and that it was DNA.

most noted for being a discoverers of the structure of the DNA molecule in 1953

Rosalind Franklin

She had been asked to set up a laboratory to study DNA fibres using X-ray crystallography, where atoms can be precisely mapped by looking at the image of the crystal under an X-ray beam. She had the entire responsibility for determining the structure of DNA.

Showed that a recombinant DNA molecule can be maintained and replicated in E. coli

Annie Chang

Maclyn McCarty

Francis Crick & James Watson

known for being a member of the 1952 team that experimentally showed that DNA rather than protein is the genetic material of life.

Martha Chase


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