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Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks



As part of her legacy, Rosa was a shining example of courage. She was willing to take a stand for what she knew to be right at great personal risk.


Rosa Parks BiographyRosa Parks TimelineThe Montgomery Bus Boycott

"She had not sought this moment, but she was ready for it."-Rosa by Nikki Giovanni



1913 - Rosa McCauley is Born in Tuskegee, Alabama1932 - Rosa marries Raymond Parks1943 - Joins the Montgomery chapter of the NAACP1955 - Rosa Parks arrested ' Montgomery Bus Boycott Begins1956 - Montgomery Bus Boycott Ends1987 - Rosa ' Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development founded1996 - Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom2005 - Rosa Parks dies

In 1979, Rosa Parks received the NAACP's prestigeous Springarn Award.In 1996, Parks receives the Medal of Freedom from President Bill Clinton.In 1998, Rosa is inducted into the International Women's Forum Hall of Fame.In 1999, Parks receives the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor.

Rosa Parks is a well-known civil rights activist. She served as the secretary for the Montgomery chapter of the NAACP. Rosa was also an advocate for the desegregation of schools.Rosa is most known for her refusal to reliquish her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama bus in 1955. She was arrested, convicted of violating the state segregation law and ordered to pay a fine. As a show of support on the day of her trial, the black citizens of Montgomery boycotted the city buses. Under the direction of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Montgomery Improvement Association, the Montgomery Bus Boycott lasted until December, 1956, when the buses are desegregated by a US Supreme Court ruling.

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