Rosa Parks

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African-American History

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Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks

Although slavery had been abolished in America, there were still laws that would segregate white people from black ones. There were separate sections in cinemas, theatres, schools, armed forces, transportation and others for white and colored people.

60 years ago...

Different fountains for white and colored people.

Rosa Parks, a seamstress got into a bus to get to her home after a long tiring day. She took a seat in the rear of the bus as, according to the law, black people had to sit in the rear of the bus. Three stops later, three white men entered the bus and there were no seats available for them. According to the law, the black passengers should give their seats to the white men. Everybody did so…apart from Rosa Parks.The driver stopped the bus and asked her give her seat to the white man. Rosa Parks refused. The driver got off the bus, called the police and Rosa Park got arrested for breaking the law of racial separation.

Four days later, on December 4th, Rosa parks was found guilty and paid the fine of 14 dollars. That day all African-American people decided to boycott the buses. Although it was raining, no black man got into a bus. Some even walked 32 kilometres.The boycott lasted 381 day and devastated the bus business. 75% of the passengers were black people and found other ways to go to their jobs. . It ended on December 21, 1956, when the city announced that it would end the bus segregation.


Montgomery Alabama, 1955, December 1st

A black university student sitting separate from the white students in the university of Oklahoma in 1948

The arrest of Rosa Parks

2012....Us president Barrack Obama sits on the same bus seat where Rosa Park was arrested.


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