Rosa Parks

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Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks (1913-2005)

Rosa Parks explaining her action

Biography:-Rosa Parks : African-American woman.-born in: 1913- seamstress-education : at home (Problems for black people to go to school.)- married with Raymond Parks : 1932- received her diploma : 1934- refused to give up her seat : 1955 (December 1st)-arrested in Montgomery, jailed by the police.-trial : she's found guilty for breaking the segregation laws.- Black passenger could take any seat : 1956Died in : 2005 (October, 24)

Interestings Facts :- "n.a.a.c.p" organization1934 : Tried to vote but : denied1945 : got the right to vote1955 (August) : met Martin Luther King

InterestingsFacts:- 1956 : lost her job- 1979: received NAACP's medal - 1996 : "Rosa Parks My story"- 1996 : received the medal of Freedom

Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks in Montgomery, 1955.

The bus : before and after the restoration

Rosa Parks : arrested

Rosa Parks on the bus


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