Rosa Parks

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African-American History

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Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was a women who lived in the 20th and 21st century. This was the time of segregation.The benches were marked for who could sit there (Blacks or whites).Water fountains, bathrooms, resteraunts, schools, buses, everything was marked.The buses where marked, the front for whites, back for blacks, and the mddle was for anyone, but if a black was sitting and a white got on the bus the blacks had to get up and let the whites sit down.Rosa was sitting one day in the middle of the bus and a white person got on, when Rosa was told to get up she did not. Rosa was arrested for this act. This is also when the montgomery bus boycott started.


1913- Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee Alabama1932- Marries Raymond Parks1939- Worl War 2 begins1956- Montgomery Boycott ends1945- Rosa registers to vote2005- Rosa Parks dies

Rosa Parks accomplished many things, in the time that she lived. She did many emotonal and motivating things.We would be a different world without her today. She would not have inspired the montgomery bus boycott. That boycott made the world one step closer to ending segregation.

Lasting Impact

If Rosa Parks had never done what she did the boycott might not have been started. Which means blacks would not have earned such rights. Rosa Parks motivated people.


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Rosa ParksBy:Sarah Phelps



Rosa Parks Biography


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