Rosa Parks: The one who would not move

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Rosa Parks: The one who would not move

Rosa Parks: The one who would not move

On December 1, 1955 a seamstress named Rosa Parks from Mongomery, Alabama, boarded a public bus home from work. In this time in public transportation the blacks were required to sit in the back of the bus and also give up their seats if a white man needed. On this day and white man came to the back and told Parks to give up her seat, she refused. The man threatened to call the police, and did as he said when she stood her ground. Parks was arrested and taken to police station where she was released on bail after talking to am NAACP lawyer. After her arrest, anger and resentment brought the blacks to action. After word spread a chain reaction occured, starting with the organization of the Women's political Council protesting their mistreatment by starting a bus boycott. The point of this was to end segregation in Montgomery public transportation system and hire black drivers as well. Almost all of Montgomerys black community particitpated, not using the public transportation for 382 days, making the public transportation lose lots of money. Also through this they filed a lawsuit against the segregation laws, saying it violated the 14th ammendment but the county lawyers appealed. The boycott continued until the Surpreme Court ruled the Montgomery segregation laws illegal. Martin Luther King Jr gained national prominence and came to the front of the Civil Rights movement. This goes to show how one person can effect a whole movement in history.

Usually avoided buses and elevators, preferring to walk and climb stairs rather than feel inferior.

Your Her parents seperated and she moved to live with her grandparents in Pine Level, Alabma while attending a segregated school.

Believe it or not she disagreed with many of Dr. Kings decisions that he made. They had a professional relationship but never worked together

Born February 4, 1913in Tuskegee, ALDied October 24, 2005 in Detriot, MI

The NAACP awarded her the Spingarn medal in 1979, their highest honor, and in 1983 she was inducted into the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame


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