Rosa Parks: African American Civil Rights Activist

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Rosa Parks: African American Civil Rights Activist

Rosa Parks: African American Civil Rights Activist

Montgomery Improvement Association

16 to 18 leaders of the African American Community gathered to create an association to think of new boycott strategies

Rosa Parks

Bus that Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, in Montgomery, Alabma, on December 1, 1955

said to be one of the most important figures in rasing awarness of African American and civil rights struggle

Rosa parks was famous for standing up for herself and disobeying orders of bus driver James F. Blake to give her seat up to a white passenger

Rosa Parks statue in the capitol

Montgomery Bus Boycott

After Parks was arrsted the womens political council disributed handbills telling all blacks of all ages to refuse to ride the bus on Monday december 4, 1955

Thanks to her contributions is the civil rights movement Rosa Park has been awarded the NAACP spingarn medal, presidential medal of freedom, congressional gold medal, and is the only women buried in Capitol Rotunda

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