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Rosa Parks

When?She was arrested on December 1st, 1955.

Where?Rosa Parks was born in Tuskgee, Alabama, made a difference and arrested in Tennessee, and died in Detroit, Michigan.

How?She made a difference by not giving up her seat, being arrested, and standing up for her people! Is that so bad that she had to be arrested?

Why?Because of segragation, people where being extremely rude and she had had an extremely rough day, her feet where killing her, and this man expects her to stand? I don't think so!

Rosa Parks Inspired...Rosa Parks inspired many people, for example...- Martin Luther King Jr.- Gordon Parks- More African AmericansPeople learned from her that everyone is equal and everyone deserves rights! WE ARE ALL HUMAN!

Rosa Parks did what?Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, on the bus, to a white man. She was arrested and thousands of people started to boycott the buses. She stood up for her people and showed that she is brave, everyone needs to be brave with her!

Rosa Parks From Feburary 4th, 1913 to Octomber 24, 2005By: Morgan Le

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