Roots of the US Political System

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Roots of the US Political System

Ancient Greece created the idea of a sortition. This is a randomized selection of the people and is still used today in modern USA for jury duty. The Ancient Romans came up with the idea of Rule of Law, which meant that no one, no matter their power or wealth, was bound to the same set of rules fairly. This concept is still used today in America. The Ancient Romans also had a democracy, more specifically a representative democracy. This meant the citizens could elect a representative to vote on and make laws. The US uses this idea by allowing citizens to vote for a representative to represent their problems and concerns.

The Enlightenment thinkers believed that all human beings were born with fundamental rights and had the right to life, liberty, property, and happiness. In America, we follow and support this idea today. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was an enlightenment thinker and philosopher who wrote a book called "The Social Contract". The idea was that citizens would give up some freedom in exchange for protection from the government. The US government is based on this concept to keep its citizens safe. The Enlightenment thinkers also thought of the idea of the consent of the governed. This is an unwritten agreement in society that says that the government has to hold up their side of the social contract, and if they don't, citizens are allowed to revolt. In the US, if the president or any other part of the government does something the citizens don't like, they can protest.

In 1215, angry British nobles created the agreement of the Magna Carta, which a way to limit their king's power. In the US, the government is limited, giving some power and freedom to the people. In 1689, the English Parliament created the English Bill of Rights to try and expand the rights of the citizens and the parliament itself. In modern day America, citizens have a lot of basic civil rights. Under the pseudonym Cato, two British writers published newspaper articles in 1712 meant to oppress the king's power. They explained the importance of freedom speech, the ability to express yourself without restraint. In the US, citizens have the freedom of speech, expression, religion, and freedom of the press.

After five Native American tribes came to peace with each other, they formed their own form of House of Representatives, a council that proposed and decided on new laws. In the US, the House of Representatives propose, offer, and introduce laws to the president. After the five Native American nations came to peace with each other, the Onondaga tribe's representative would be the final decider of laws and could veto them if they had a good reason. Veto is the ability to 'say no' to laws. Today in the US, the government uses this to veto any laws the president wants to pass that they don't like. Native Americans also created a system where if one of their council members messed up three times, they would be kicked out of the council. This is similar to the US's system of impeachment. This is a statement of charges against a government official or even the president, although impeachment itself does not kick that person out of office.

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Roots of the US Political System

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