Roots of Quadratics

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Algebra I

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Roots of Quadratics

So what is a root? The definition?"Roots" are the soltion to a quadratic equation

Real World Meaning

So let's think through, before we do any math computations, about how we're going to figure out how far our teacher is going to go. What steps are we going to take?

If I shoot my teacher out of a cannon, how far away will he land?! (in ft)

We can find out using the roots of the equation!

Here's a fun video reminding you how to factor if you forgot.

Exactly what are they?Okay, so the definiton says "solutions" but what does that mean to us in the Real World? It means the location where something hits the ground.

First, we remember the definition of "roots". It means solutions.

Second, we decide if we are going to look at the x-axis or the y-axis.

Fourth, we have just found our solution graphically. Wasn't that easy?!

Next Class:Finding Soultions AlgebraicallyReview the video of how to factor.

When we decide what axis we're going to be looking on (it's the x-axis incase you forgot) we look to see what value of x the graph crosses that axis.

Roots of Quadratics


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