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Ronaldos nationality is portugal and he plays along side nani and some other famous players.Portugal is located in europe and is right next to argentina where is rival linoel messi lives and when they play for there country they always show up.

all ronaldos clubs have been sporting lisbon and he had his first game at the age of 17 and then he went to the epl to play for manchester united and then he went to the club that he has played for a very long time and that club is real madrid.

his clubs

This story is about Ronaldo

Ronaldo holds the record of the most goals in a uefa chapions with 17 awesome goals.


Ronaldo has scored a lot of goals in his carrer but here is some of awesome top5o goals and they are all really good

Ronaldo has one very very good team and he as played with ledgens like david beckem,benzema,gareth bale,marcelo,toni kroos,james rodregez and cassias


his team


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