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Inventors and Inventions

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Ronald S. Demon

Ronald S. demon grew up in Miami and his youthful pursuits included basketball and computer software, his interest for basketball and computer software drove him to invent "The Smart Shoe". Which is known as an athletic shoe whose cushion support automatically adjusts to suit not only the shape of the wearer's feet but also the manner in which the shoe is being used at any given time. Ronald designed a model for himself, he programmed the chip to regulate the flow of fluid according to the amount and position of force applied by the feet while the shoes are being worn.


1995 -Demon had already built a working prototype before arriving at MIT.1998 - Demon secured US patent #5,813,142 for his "Shoe Sole with an Adjustable Support Pattern."1999 -Ronald Demon can look forward to a long and successful career in the high tech business world.

Nike's either going to buy this technology or build a better version.Ronald Demon black inventors invention dimension footwear manufactures. He now owns the company called VectraSense Technologies where he displays his Smart Shoes.

Lasting Impact

Demon shoes are best used for athletes, hikers, exercisers, and persons with orthopedic and other medical complaints.


Ronald S. Demon





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