Ronald Reagan

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Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

The 40th president

Time Line


Ronald Reagan born

Reagan was always popular and sporty.He also was into theatre which propelled his acting career in Hollywood.

Nancy and Reagon got Married. Ntey had kids. They had two kids named Patricia Ann and Ronald Prescott.

When Ronald took office, he reduced the tax rate and became a people man after he got shot. He wanted to work with the new leader of Russia Mikhel Gorbachov. He helped Gorbachov with ending the Cold War and made a better America.

Ronald Reagan took office as Governor of California in 1966. He was liked so much that he was reelected in 1972.

Reagan was born on Frebuary 6 to Nelle and John Reagan. His father was a drunk and his mother taught him to always be kind and never let people hurt you.


Reagan won a contract to work in Hollywood


Reagan married his wife, Nancy Davis



Elected Governor of California

Reagan becomes President

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" Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"


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