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Ronald Reagan presentation



As an actorIn 1937 Reagan signed a 7-year deal with Warner Brothers and featured in over 50 films In 1954 he landed a job as a host of a television drama series. This is when his political views shifted from liberal to conservative. His interest for politics started to develop

40th President

As President:(1st term)In 1981 on Janury 20th, President Regan said "the government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem" He wanted freedom for all. On March 30th, 1981 he was shot. But survived and continued his work after he recovered. Regan advanced policies that reduced social programs and restrictions on business. He made tax cuts and in 1983 the economy started to prosper. In 1981, he made history by appointing the first woman to the U.S. supreme court. In 1983 Regan propsed his Stretagic defense Initiave. The plan was to develop space-based weapons to protect the Americas from Soviet nuclear missles. Reagan believed in sending the best troops out the serve our country. He wanted to get the job done. He was very good with money and well liked.

33rd Governor of California

2nd termIn 1984 Ronald Reagan was re-elected and won by a landslide. He carried 49 out of 50 states in the election and received 525 of 538 electorial votes which was the largest number ever won by an American president. He left the White House January 1989 and moved to Los Angeles. He died at the age 93 and was the longest lived president until 2006.

As GovernorIn 1964 Reagan ran for office and won by 1 million votes. In 1970 he was re-elected for his second term.

As a young adultRonald Reagan was born on Feburary 6, 1911 in Illinois. He was a student athlete and was president of his class. He was active in school and had summer jobs. He went to Eureka College on a sports scholarship and participated in many sports. He majored in economics and socialiogy and he was student council president.



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