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Romulus poster

Romulus' story of his life is similiar to Jesus Christs story only in the way of how he was born and raised like common people taking the most humble of postions. He was a man who overcame many obstacles to succeed in the end over killing his brother and building one of the greatest cities ever built. His creating of important accolades like the senate, and the start of one of the mightiest armies ever created have given him great recognition. So after all of his acheivements and struggles he went through this makes him one of the best kings that has ever lived.


- Romulus birth- King orders them to be left in the Tiber River.- The she-wolf, Lupa raises them to mid adulthood.- The shepherd Faustulus then raises them until they leave to restore their grandfathers reign over Alba Longa.- They seeked to find a city of their own.- Difficulties about the city led Romulus to kill his Brother, Remus.- Romulus then becomes the founder and first king of Rome.

- Romuls and his Remus made the city Rome. pretty impressive - Romulus filled the city with fugitives from other countries.- They were both sons of Mars.-Romulus and Remus were raised by a she-wolf as children.-Romulus is also credited with the establishment of the patrician, or the Roman Senate.

Lasting Impact

romulus created the first senate which has helped to shape our modern government.


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Romulus Poster



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