Romulus and Remus, the Legend of Rome

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Romulus and Remus, the Legend of Rome

Amulius over threw Numitor, but feared that if Rhea Silvia had children, they would over throw himself. Once he heard she became pregnant, he sent a servant to kill her children while he, himself took care of Rhea Siliva. The servant had no hear to kill the children so he set them inside a basket on the banks of the Tiber River.

The Death of RomulusAccording to the legend, Romulus mysteriously disappeared in a storm or whirlwind, during or shortly after offering public sacrifice at or near the Quirinal Hill.

Romulus and Remus

Numitor and Amulius were important to the story. Numitor is their grandfather while Amulius was the one who exposed them to the river.

If their mother, Rhea Silvia, EVER had sex, she would be killed. In the official version of the story, she was magically impregnated Virgin-Mary-style by the God of war, Mars. Instead of a bull, however, he appeared in the form of golden rain.

A female Italian wolf classified as Lupa took and nursed them until they were found by a shepherd.

Romulus killed Remus for power and named the city after him self. Roma, translated as Rome.



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