Romes Art and Architecture

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Romes Art and Architecture

Before the Romans, buildings were made out of walls and columns. *Vaults or curved cellings allowed Romans to build domes. Later architects made crossed vaulting by overlapping tunnels. *Romans copied Greek colums but also invented arches. Arches were used to build and suport bridges, buildings and aquaducts. * Domes were made out of concrete bricks. One of the most famous domes is the Panthanon.

Most of the Roman temples were based on Greek temples. Roman structures were usally built in towns or cities. Temples were only visible from the front because they were surrounded by tall buildings.


Romes Art and architecture


The Panthonon is the best example of a Roman Dome. It was built in 25 B.C. as a new type of temple. The Dome is 43m high and 43m across. The lower exterier of the building was covered with a coat of marble. The Panthonon was lightened up by coffers. It still stands as the worlds second largest dome.


Statues were used to decorate rooms. Romans usally had Greek style statues. Greek statues were carved to look perfect. Roman statues were more realistic. They were brightly painted but now all statues have faded.

Beds and couches were very important to the Romans. You can find them in studies, dining rooms and bedrooms. Romans called stools scamnums. Other chairs were called sellas and biselliums. Tables were mainly made out of marble and stone. Lighting in houses was normally derived from oil lamps. For storage, Romans used heavy chests or cupboards.



The Coloseum was where the Romans held Gladiator fights. The Coloseum could have up to 60,000 people in it at once. The Coloseum had a system of ropes, cages and pulleys to bring wild animols up th tha arena floor from underground rooms.


*Rome used most of Greek's art ideas.*The Panthanons roof was the largest of that time.*Rome's buildings were built so well they still stand today.*Statues included warts and wrinkles.


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