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Coat of Arms Vines- He attaches to the thought of love, and Juliet Midnight Moon- He is romantic and smooth talking Fall Tree- He falls in and out of love quickly and he changes his mind like the leaves Chamelean- He hides when he is depressed


" Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night." (-Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet,Act 5, page 1307 line 50)

I have never felt this way before about anyone. I now know this is real love.

Rose- He is very romantic but can very easily hurt others.

Violin- He can be happy and soothing such as when he talks to Juliet but can also be very disastrous and sad.

Romeo is a Montague but does not fight against the Capulets. In the beginning of the story he "loves" Rosaline but they finds that Juliet is the perfect fit fot him. He is very persuasive and smooth talking. Enough to convince Juiet to marry him. Although he changes his mind between feelings and girls, I think he truly loves Juliet. He only thiks of himself when he kills himself for Juliet. He is protective of him and his family and is very skilled at fighting. He dies to he with Juliet.


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