Romeo and Julliet

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Romeo and Julliet

The story is about 2 families who hated each other. Once there was a party where Romeo from the Montagues wanted to go to. There he met Juliet from the Capulets. It was love on the first sight. They wanted to marry each other. A few days later they married. For Romeo it was no problem but Julliet her parents wanted her to marry with Paris. The parents of Juliet thought he was a great oppernunity. They wanted to keep their marriage quite. But then there was a fight on the streets. Romeo was involved, his friend got killed and he killed his killer: the cousin of Juliet. She still loves him but Romeo gets banned from Verona, the city they live in. Juliet wants to be with Romeo but doesn't want to marry Paris. So she drunk a poison that made her sleep for 42 hours so her family thought she was death. Romeo got the news that Juliet was "death". He couldn't live without her so he went to her body, kissed her and drunk a poison to kill himself. When Juliet woke up she saw Romeo lying death. She was so upset that she killed herself with Romeo's dagger. The news hard for everyone. But now the families aren't enemies anymore.


Romeo & Julliet

The story, Romeo and Julliet, was writen by William Shakespeare.


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