Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet

1. who wrote romeo and juliet? this play is wrote by william shakespear[1594-1595]2. what's tragedy? the young lovers are faced with a mementouse obstacle that results in ahorrible and fatal conclusion.3. how many deaths are there? there are a total of six deaths. 4. why is the nurse funny? shakespear needed comic relief in this trtradity, so he made the nurse.5. is shakespear's life like romeo and juliet? people wanted to know if shakespear is like romeo and juliet, but no one knows...

6. does shakespear have a love intrest? his love intrest is viola de lesseps.7. did shakespear had a hard life? shakespear had a hard life like everyone of them.8. where did the play take place? took place in verona(hint:the vorona bridge looked familier.)


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9.what's the dramatic function of mercutio's queen mabs speach? it's introduced by shakespear for the purpose of preventing too rapid progress of action of drama.10.who is queen mab? well known fairy in celtic(irish)folklore.

Romeo and Juliet Q'ABy:Joseph Mitchell


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