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Romeo and Juliet


This excerpt shows how Juliet shows complete obedience to her parents as well as her well-mannered responses.

Juliet is the only surviving daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet. She is a young, well-mannered, and obedient girl, who makes up half of the ill-fated couple in the play Romeo & Juliet. Juliet is considered incomparable in beauty by first appearance. Soon in the play, she is arranged to marry the other main character known as Romeo, making the main plot of the play and creating the problems that lay within the story as well; as she is arranged to marry a different noble known as Paris later in the story. However, as plans begin to fall apart, the couple soon face the untimely end of a tragic love story.

Juliet belongs to the Capulet Family.

Juliet's Playlist (Continued)"Breathless" by Taylor SwiftThe song "Breathless" tells a story of a person coming back from a war, being weak and breathless. This would be on Juliet's playlist because even after this war of violence, the girl still loves him and would never judge him no matter what. This could be depicted by Tybalt's death after a match with Romeo."Enchanted" by Taylor SwiftThe song "Enchanted" tells the story of a person who sees the face of another person across the room and instantly is "enchanted". This would resemble Juliet because she and Romeo instantly fell in love after seeing each other across the ball room."If my Heart was a House" by Owl CityThe song "If my Heart was a House" tells the story of a person falling completely in love with another person and would risk it all for that person. This would be on Juliet's playlist because they would risk their lives for each other in the end.

When this dance is over, I'll see where she stands, and I'll make my coarse hand blessed by touching her hand. Did I ever love anyone before now? My eyes will swear that I never saw real beauty until tonight.(Page 77, Lines 50-53)

Juliet's Playlist"Love Story" by Taylor SwiftThe song "Love Story" explains the tragic love story of a father who doesn't allow her daughter to be in love with who she wants to be. Conviently, their names are Romeo and Juliet, where Romeo asks of Juliet's hand in marriage. This would be in Juliet's playlist because of its sad and emotional content."You Belong With Me" by Taylor SwiftThe song "You Belong With Me" tells a story of a girl who believes that this boy belongs with her, rather than another person. This would be a song on Juliet's playlist because she and Romeo were meant to be together, and noone would come between their love."I'm Yours" by Jason MrazThe song "Im Yours" explains that someone has irretrievably fallen for someone else and explains that they are now theirs. This would be like Juliet because the two characters, Romeo and Juliet, are that much in love and devote their lives to each other.

O Romeo, Romeo! Why are you Romeo? Reject your father and refuse his name. Or if you will not just swear to be my love, and I will no longer be a Capulet.(Page 101, Lines 35-38)

I've been where I learned to repent of the sin of disobedience to you and your orders. I've been advised by holy Friar Lawrence to fall on my knees and beg your pardon. Please forgive me, I beg you. From now on, I'll be ruled by you.(Page 241, Lines 16-21)

This excerpt shows how the only problem standing in between the love of Romeo and Juliet are their feuding families' names. However, their love for each other is able to see past it.

This shows Juliet's true beauty mainly in appearence, regardless of her personality.

Romeo and Juliet's Marriage, conducted by Friar Lawrence.

Romeo visiting Juliet at the Capulet's property regardless of the consequences.

Juliet drinking the Friar's potion putting her to a deep sleep.


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