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Romeo and Juliet


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Two feuding families (Montagues and Capulets) fight at every chance given to them. When Romeo and Juliet, who are both from a side of the dispute, fall into a forbidden romance, they must hide their relationship at all costs. The two families are blinded by hatred, which ultimately causes the death of the two star-crossed lovers.

A Tale of Star Crossed Lovers

Romeo & Juliet

The story takes place in the Renaissance era, a time of social status, the arts, and power.This was sometime in the fourteeth or fifteenth century. The characters roam the streets of Verona and Mantua, citiies found in present-time northern Italy, where the two character families reside. Scenes take place in the Montague and Capulet castles, the balcony, in the cemetary, the Church, and the streets of the two cities.

There are two main groups of characters - the Montagues and the Capulets. Romeo, a Montague, and Juliet, a Capulet, are the two main characters of the play.Friar Lawrence plays a significant role as the priest who performs the marriage ceremony for the two lovers. Mercutio, Romeo's cousin, plays as a great supporter of the romance and Tybalt, Juliet's cousin, plays as a great antagonist to the main conflict. Of course, there are several feuding Montagues and Capulets ruled by the Prince of Verona, who makes a few appearances in the story as well.

In the beginning of the play, the Montague and Capulet servants fight in the streets. In the same day, Paris asks for Juliet's hand in marriage. That night, at the masquerade ball, Juliet meets Romeo and they fall in love. The following morning, Romeo and Juliet were married by Friar Lawrence, and Tybalt and Mercutio die in a street fight, and Romeo is banished for killing Tybalt. Romeo leaves for Verona and him and Juliet decides that in order to secretly leave to join Romeo, she will fake her own death. The next day, Juliet is found "dead," but she is in fact in a poison-induced coma. Romeo finds out about her faked death and rushes to the cemetary to mourn her. He fights with Paris and kills him, and then later kills himself. Juliet awakens in the cemetary from her coma to find Romeo's dead body, and she then joins him by killing herself as well. When the feuding families discover the news, they form a truce and mourn together.

After the deaths of Romeo and Juliet are discovered, the two feuding families become distraught. They realized that if only they seized their hatred, Romeo and Juliet's relationship could have came to light and their deaths as well as the deaths of the other family members could have been avoided. The two families come to a truce.

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