Romeo and Juliet: Verona Daily Newspaper

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Romeo and Juliet: Verona Daily Newspaper

Verona Daily

Diana Johnson

Capulet Ball Biggest in Verona Excitement filled the fresh evening air as the grand ball at the Capulet's mansion began. There was dancing, singing, and smiling faces. Anyone who was anyone was at this elaborate event. Rumors show that the ball was held by Lord Capulet for the purpose of finding his young daughter Juliet a husband. Reports tell us there was a strange masked young man that appeared at the ball uninvited. Tybalt of the Capulet family has identified the boy as Romeo of the Montagues. He was seen talking to Juliet Capulet which caused her cousin Tybalt to be infuriated. The Capulets and Montagues have had a long-standing dispute, so Romeo of the Montagues was not welcome. He disappeared shortly after the ball.

Romeo of the Montagues


Romeo and Juliet seen dancing

Dear Lord and Lady Capulet, I believe I should inform you of the romance between your daughter Juliet and Romeo of the Montague family. A reliable source has told me that Romeo and Juliet met at the ball you hosted and fell in love. Last night voices were heard in the garden by Juliet's chambers. Romeo had snuck into the courtyard to talk to fair Juliet. They have been secretly married by Friar Lawrence.

Letter Confirms Romeo and Juliet Romance


Tybalt Capulet murdered by Romeo Montague! Romeo is banished from Verona after a fight broke out between Tybalt and Romeo that resulted in the death of Tybalt. Romeo has vanished and had not been seen since the time of the crime. If you spot him, alert Prince Escalus immediately. May be extremely dangerous!

Juliet Capulet Found Dead Before Marriage to County Paris

Juliet Capulet, daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet of Verona, was found dead this morning in her bed chambers hours before her marriage to County Paris. A dagger was found beside her as well as a vile of poison. It appears she has committed suicide because of the death of her cousin Tybalt. At thirteen, she is survived by her parents Lord and Lady Capulet as well as her nurse. Preceded in death is her cousin Tybalt who was murdered by Romeo a few days ago.

Death at the Capulet Tomb: Interview with Friar Lawrence

VD: What happened last night at the Capulet's tomb?FL: Juliet, Romeo, and County Paris died. Romeo and Juliet both perished from love, and Paris perished from hate. VD: Did you have any part in the death of these three individuals?FL: I did not directly have a part in the deaths, but it was all just a terrible misunderstanding. Romeo killed himself because he thought Juliet was dead when she wasn't. She drank a sleeping potion I gave her. Juliet awoke and killed herself because she saw Romeo lying there dead. VD: Do you have any idea how County Paris died?FL: Romeo killed him, but we're not sure why. They may have been feuding over Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet deeply in love

Friar Lawrence present at the tomb


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