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The Roman Empire

You do not know what place go in this holidays?We are your solutin. We are offering a nice package, with a hotel and transportation include in it.

The first day is going to be relax, because we are going to present us and we are going to give you an informative paper about the places that we are going to visit. Then we are going to walk to the Theatre of Marcellus. we are going to apreciate it and we are going to learn something of it.You are not going to bored because we have diferent activities.

Day 1

About us

Day 4

Day 3

Day 2

Maybe you are asking where we are going to eat, well we have an special chariots, and whatever you want you can ask for it.For more information sent us a letter.

The day that you arrive, fist you need to go to the reception and register. Then you are going to the room and install, you can do enything you want, is a day to relax.

We offer you 5 nights and 4 days in 680 dollars for two persons. In this package we include the tickets , it is in 60 dollar for one person but it is for the round trip.When you arrive to our hotel,the first dinner you do not have to pay it.For the hour of the sshi'ps depature we are going to inform you when you buy the tickets.

Tis is my favorite day, because we are goin to go to the Circus Maximus, is a stadium for chariot races and you are going to have an oportunity to have a race.after we eat we are going to go to the Baths of Trajan, are a bathing and leisure complex.

This day we are going to visit to places, the Aqua Rivor and the Forum Romanum. This to places are o different, but for us is so important in our empire. The Aqua Rivor, we made it to providde water to the hall citys and industrial places. An d the Forum Romanum is an important place becaue it is the center of our empire and here develops everything that we are.

First we are going to go to the Basilica of Maxentius, is one of the most important buildings. For a nice end we are going to go to the Coliseseum, it has a capacity of 50000 persons, it is used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles and this night it has an a gladiatorial contests.


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