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The religion in Rome was inherited from Greece. The Romans worshiped different gods as their religion. Another very important thing in Rome was their government. Rome's government was a republic. The citizens did not make all the descisions in Rome. They turned to their Senate to make those descisions. Rome also needed people to run the daily affairs of Rome and act on the citizens behalf so they elect two people from the Senate to be their consuls. Consuls were elected every year. If there was an emergency Romans would elect a dictator for a six month term.

Now when you go to Rome you know the backstory and you will get what your tour guide says and your mind won't be blank

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If you plan on visiting Rome you might want to read the following so when you go to Rome you know the backstory of this amazing civilization.

The second leader is Augustus. Augustus was Julius Ceaser's grandnephew and his original name was Octavian. Augustus started a time of peace called Pax Romana or Roman Peace. Pax Romana lasted for more than 200 years. Augustus made many laws that changed the Roman government and made it stronger. He also made laws that treated people more fairly.

There were two different types of people in Rome, the patricians and the plebians. The patricians were the descendants of Rome's earliest settlers and the plebians were the farmers, workers, merchants, and craftworker a whose families came to Rome much later.

The patricians were in the highest social class and the plebians were in the second. The patricians had more rights than the plebians including that the patricians could be elected into the Senate and the plebians could not. But eventually the plebians fought back and moved out of Rome to set up their own city. The patricians realized they needed the plebians and they let them elect 10 special official called tribunes to take part in the government.

Rome had quite a bit of strong rulers and the following are two of the more popular ones. The first one was Julius Ceaser. Julius Ceaser began ruling Rome in 59 b.c. and ended his rule in 44 b.c. when he was stabbed to death. Ceaser made a plan to form an army to show Rome his military genius. He planned to capture Gaul and his plan was a success. Romans may have thought that Julius Ceaser was done after that but he came back in 49 b.c. to take over the government. When Ceaser's army crossed the Rubicon River civil war broke out and in 45 b.c. Julius Ceaser became the dictator of Rome. He was one of Rome most powerful leaders.

Rome was a huge empire with many major cities. Some of the cities were Carthage, Antioch, Constantinople, Ephesus, Alexandria, and Smyrna.

Rome lasted from about 753 b.c. to 476 a.d. It is located in present-day Italy. Rome ruled the entire Meditarranean basin and some of Europe also. In Rome there are many attractions like libraries, public baths, offices and temples. There were also basilicas with temples and other buildings around them. There were small booths where merchants sold fresh meats, vegetables, cloth, and pottery.

Rome had many major places. One of the most popular places in Rome was the Colloseum. The Colloseum was the largest arena in Rome and it also held gladiator fights. Another popular place was the Pantheon. The Pantheon had a 43 meter high dome and it was a temple for the gods. The Pantheon had an opening at the top for a source of light. The 3rd popular place was the public baths. At the public baths you could discuss business and meet with your friends. A public bath was built on lands the Romans had conquered.



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