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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Emperor Commudus ruled between 161 AD- 192 AD. He stayed in his palace many years. He entertained himself. With plays where people even died. Just cause the play called for it. He also amused himself with gladiators. Wathcing them fight to the death. Just for fun. Finally he was forced to play a more public roll. For the first time ever. An emperor was going to fight with the gladiators. It was Commudus he won. The next day he was killed by his losing aponent.


Chariot racersGladiatorsPlaysFestivalsFeeding Christians to lions

Back in Ancient Rome Festivals were celebrated. Many times just to honor the gods. They would have dancing, music. One of the many gods they honored was Minerva. She was the goddess of war and wisdom. If they didn't honor the gods the penalty was death.


Back in Ancient Rome for fun Christians were feed to the lions.

Chariot Racing

Chariot racing was for fun entertainment. The racers would go around the track. With chariots and horses pulling the chariots.




Ancient Rome


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