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Social Studies
Jewish History

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Anti semitism: The intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people.

The picture depicted above shows a roman carving in ston that portrays the jewish people fighting for their religion in israel when the romans came to conqure them for their disbelief in the catholisism.


Basic Beliefs1. God exists2. God is one and unique3. God is incorporeal4. God is eternal5. Prayer is to be directed to God alone and to/through no other

The Romans played a big part in some of the earlierhistory in Jewish times. They where under rule of Herod.He was who appointed that a grand temple be made. All together the temple took atleast eighty two years to start and finishconstruction. It was said to have been gold with white shining stone which shone off the building when the sun was out.The part that was played involving the Romans was that four years afterthe temple was built, it was completley destroyed. All this started in 66 AD when the jews of judea rebelled against their Roman masters. After the fact,the Roman Emperor Nero sent out an army under Vespasian (a general)to take control. By 68, resistance in the north had been gone and the Romans turned their full attention against Jews. That year the Emperor Nero died by his own hand, Vespasian was made Emperor and returned to the City. It went his son, Titus, that would lead the roman army to Jerusalem. Once they where at Jerusalem they surrounded the city and by the year 70 theyed breached the walls and ransacked everything. This then escalated into the destruction of the temple. After that there was a mass slaughter of thousands of civilians. And when the people weren't killed they where forced into slavery for the Romans.[=

There was a time before the holocaust that everyone,even jewish people where happy and had normal lives! theyhad family events and werent forced to do anything, But even then laws where put into place to make sure they wouldnt get out of control. Even though they where un-needed.

This shows a roman soldierkilling a jewish person with his sword

This is the star of DavidIts one of the main symbolsof judaism.

Three common stereotypes*Romans believed in polytheism. And they thoughtthe jews where diffrent seeing as how they are mon-otheistic*Romans thought that the Jewish people drank the bloodof young Roman children.*Romans also thought that jews where crazy about moneyand very materialistic.

The picture above shows Roman conquistadors and roman knights trying to force catholisim, and christianity on the Jews.

This picture shows another way theRomans tried to Rid the Jews throughtorture and it proves how some Jewswere forced into catholisim. ThroughSuch torture.

This picture shows one of the many ways the Romansand Catholic preists tried to"Cure" the Jews in theirJewish faith


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