Rome in 1500 CE

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Rome in 1500 CE

Italian RenaissanceAll the artistic trends peeked around 1500 in the brief High Renaissance in Italy. These artists included greats like Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael. The papacy attracted leading artists to Rome at this time and because of this wave of talented artists, Rome once again became the centre of the Christian West. The Italian Renaissance was marked by a vibrant revival in classical philosophy.

Why Rome?

Science/Human AnatomyDuring this time period many advances in science in art, specifically human anatomy, were made. One prominent example would be Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci studied the human body in great detail in order to understand how it functions and how everything fits together. This knowledge was used to create a realistic look to his drawing and paintings. Many others did the same. This was a shift from the almost supernatural look of other religious drawings and painting to more realistic or nature works. .

Religion in RomeIn the late 15th Century, Rome was a highly Roman Catholic city/state. The Roman Catholic Church was very powerful and the religion was widely practiced across Europe. The Church had this power primarily because Christians believed it alone held the keys to salvation. The Church taught that only those who did good works and received the sacraments could go to heaven.

Yellow represents power of Roman Catholic Church

The Decrease of Division in ClassesThe Italian Renaissance was a social revolution. It became possible for people to change classes, instead of being born into one like in past years. The status of artists also changed. They were no longer anonymous but actually viewed as people with higher intelligence or in some cases "genius".


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