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A lot of Romantic artist believed that the French revolution as good, in fact they believed it helped better the lives of the oppressed. As Hancock said, " there is no need to recount here in detail how the French Revolution, at the close of the last century, was the great stimulus to he intellectual and emotional life of the civilized world, how it began by inspiring all liberty-loving men with hope and joy".

Romanticism definition: A reaction to the industrial revolutions that was mostly based off visual arts, music, and literature. It greatly impacted historiography, education, and the natural sciences and created many emotions such as apprehension, horror and terror, and awe. It was very big in folk art and music.

The Classic song Lettre a Elise by Beethoven is one of the most heard 1778s toon which is still listened to today. Beethoven's stylistic innovations bridge the classical and romantic periods. The works of his early period brought the Classical form to its highest expressive level, expanding in formal, structural, and harmonic terms the musical idiom developed by predecessors such as Mozart and Hayden. The works of his middle and late periods were even more forward-looking, appropriately being categorized in and contributing to the musical language and thinking of the Romantic era, directly inspiring other Romantic composers.

Romanticism Music:

This Delacroix painting shows romanticism because the man seems to helping out this man/women which indicates emotion and fantasy.

French Revolution contribution on Romanticism:

Photo indicating romanticism :


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