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Romantic (1890)-(1900) Coriana, Kayla, Eli, Max

Romanticism PoemA Slumber Did My Sprit Seal by William WordsworthThis shows romanticism because Mr.Wordsworth uses words like fear and no emotion and a romanticism poem has to do with extreme emotion.


Beethoveen was a German compouser and a pianist. He was very famous during the Romatic era.

Romanticism Poem(Coriana):

Extra Credit(Eli):This nationalism manifested either as a conservative nostalgia and longing for the traditional lifestyles that preceded Napoleonic reforms, or as a more liberal embracing of the principle of self-government at the heart of the French Revolution.

Romanticism Music(Max)

Romanticism was essentially a counterpoint to French Rationalism, which had similarly united the French people and formed the basis for Napoleon's French Empire. Fueled by the philosophy and art, Romanticism was a direct attack on the French Rationalist principle of universal law that could be applied to everyone and every nation without exception.

This video represents Beethoven's master peice of Romanticnicm because he is putting his passion and soul into this beatiful song.

Romanticism Art(Kayla):Henry Fuseli was a very dark and gothic painter. This painting called The Nightmare demonstrates romanticism by showing a woman having a nightmare and experiencing sleep paralysis.


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