Romantic Era

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Romantic Era

Eugene Delacroix

People used music in the romantic era in order to express the feelings that had been repressed in the factories. They spent the majority of the time that they were awake slaving away in factories with low wages and poor health conditions. Music offered them a reprieve where they could actually feel again through music.

“Bright Star” by John Keats is a representation of Romantic Art because this poem portrays how this person wants to spend his life with his lover eternally. This represents Romantic art as he expresses his emotion and passion through poetry. The title “Bright Star” is important because as a star lasts forever, the speaker wants to be with his girlfriend eternity.

Delacroix, The Death Of Sardanapalus is about a king that is going to kill everything that pleasured him, he is going to kill all the women and burn all his gold. His kingdom is getting taken over and he wants to destroy everything so other people won’t get what he gets.

The progressive thinking during the Romantic era allowed people to create things and ideas that would otherwise not be possible. People could imagine death as not a sad, but definite reality, but as a being that went through the land and took what it wanted. Many people felt that they were better than other people because of all of the resources and fine arts that they had. This led to the belief that Great Britain itself was the best country, and the rest of the world’s resources simply belonged to them.

Romantic Era

Romanticism is a style of art and literature in the 18th century that emphasized the individual’s expression of emotion and imagination.

The French Revolution had a major contribution to the progressive thinking of Romanticism. This revolution had given the people for France hope for the future. The absolute monarchy that had controlled France for years was brought down in a mere three years. The working class had been set free of the suffering and oppression and there was a complete transformation of society.

Macbeth, by Giuseppe Verdi, represented Romantacism, because he used and expiremented with many different instruments to represent his emotions, and the emotions of the play Macbeth through music.


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