Romanesque Architecture

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Romanesque Architecture

Romanesque architecture is mainly focused on the construction of religious buildings.The builders were travelers that travel across Europe to bring their knowledge.Common elements are simplicity, sobriety, simple shapes, but massive, based on typical elements of ancient art.

What we can find in Ravenna...In Ravenna we can't have a particular exemple of Gothic or Romanesque churches's styles,but we can also find someelements of Romanesque period.

San Giovanni Evangelista's church



In Ravenna

With care of: Chiara D'orazio,Giorgia Lunedei,Giulia Cardia and Matia Kulundzic

San Vitale's basilica





Barrel vaults and groin vaults evolved in Europe with Romanesque architecture in the 11 th and 12 th centuries.Typical of this period is the use of round or slightly pointed arches.


The central nave was flanked on each side with an aisle and the whole was covered by a barrel vaults.

The body has protruding windows. Are also added two towers scalarie, the narthex on the facade and the apse with two cylindrical bodies on the back. The walls are exposed brick. The buttresses that counteract the pressures of the internal vaults date back to the ninth century. The interior was characterized by numerous arches. The large central room was covered by a hemispherical dome supported by eight large arches on pillars giant fan. An archway opens into the chancel. The seven others form large exedra, divided into two rows of arches on columns. The entire interior has a rich decoration of precious marbles and mosaics.

San Vitale's basilica was built from 525 to order Ecclesio. This basilica is famous for its beautiful mosaics. It has a complex shape is formed by an octagonal body.

San Domenico's church was built in the thirteenth century. There were pointed arches in the main facade, still visible on the sides of the entrance door where the burials were placed.

San Domenico's church (Via Cavour)

San Giovanni Evangelista's church was built in 425 by order of Galla Placidia. The facade is simple and it was reinforced by a bow-wise. the interior of the church is large, it was divided into three aisles by 24 columns with composite capitals. The apse was decorated with a curtain of round-headed windows.


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