Roman Social Classes

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Roman Social Classes

The Rich in Ancient Rome often had elegant homes in the city, or country estates called villas. The Wealthy were famous for over doing things, Example: Aulus Vitellius (Emperor for six months in A.D. 69) used to have three to four heavy meals per day, visiting a different house for each meal. The cost to host cost never less then 400,000 coins. The wealthy were known for their great feasts, consisting of: served game, partridge, wild boar, or perhaps exotic dishes such as flamingo or ostrich. Entertainment for those feast amy include musicians, dancers, or even poets.

The Poor

Although some rich, Ancient Rome mostly consisted of people who lived in poorly built rundown housing. Man lived in tall apartment buildings with no running water, toilets, or kitchens. Food and drink had to be carried up/down several flights of narrow stairs. Rubbish or human waste would be carried down the stairs, or thrown out the windows. Wood houses commonly cause tragic and sometimes fatal fires. The worst fire took place in A.D. 64 and destroyed most of the city.

the rich had big elegant houses, and sometimes country estates called villas.

The Wealthy

Roman Social


Poor Romans or captured slaves often fought in a Collesuem as a Gladiator. When one surrendered, they were often persecuted, unless they fought a a good fight. Often times, wealthy and/or free Romans fought for fun, and enjoyed the fame and fortune one would receive if they won.

Watch to find more about the Colloseum in Rome!


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