Roman Social Classes

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Roman Social Classes

The wealthy Romans lived in villas with at least 4 rooms. The wealthy had five big meals a day, each with entertainment. There were plays, singers, and some had poems read at dinner. The wealthy drank wine, and ate fish, herbs, bread, and various fruits. On special occasions They enjoyed flamingo. They had running water and they could own slaves.

The Middle Class

Most of the ancient Roman world was wealthy and Poor. There was really no room for middle class. there were very few middle class people in ancient Rome. In fact, there was really no such thing as a middle class.

The Poor

The poor Romans lived in the second story of run down apartments. They had to dump human waste and waste products out of the windows. They ate bread and sometimes they added olives or cheese. The poor often rioted when there was no food or entertainment, so the government gave the poor free wheat. The government also put on battles with glatiators in the colloseum for everyone.

The Wealthy

Roman SocialClasses


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