Roman Slaves

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Roman Slaves

Roman Slavery

A Roman slave is a worker with no rights or social status who were owned by the roman citizens or the state. Their owner controlled them and they were bought and sold as property. After the 3rd century B.C. the amount of slaves grew tremendously. When Rome conqured a country or city they brought most of the people they captured back to the local market. A sign was placed around their neck saying the good qualities of that person who would soon be sold into slavery.

What is a Roman Slave

Slave occupations

Slaves in ancient Rome had many jobs. Slaves were forced to work in very nice conditions and very harsh conditions eventually resulting in a rebellion. Children with no home in rome were often sold into slavery. Or if the child's father need money he would sell his children into slavery.


Through out rome there was several rebellions but none of them sucseeded. The most famous rebellion was led by a famous gladiator by the name of Spartacus. In 73B.C. he led an army of 90000 slaves. They were later stoped by the roman army 2 years later.


Greek Slaves

When Rome conqured Greece the slaves they captured were well educated so they were the most expensive. They had many options. They could become a doctor, artisan, teacher, musicians, goldsmiths and libraians. Other Greek slaves worked as hairdressers, bultlers, maids and cooks.

On the other hand unvalueble slaves had other ocupations such as mining. Unlike Greek slaves, slaves who mined were placed in consistantly harsh conditions and were treated very harshly. They were forcd to work in unsafe mines resulting in many causualties and injuries.


Gladiators were often slaves who fought to the death for the publics entertainment. They fought eachother or often they fought animals. The fights took place in giant stone building. They would usually fight after a victory or for a celebration. These fights were small at first but gradually grew to giants amount of people.


1. 40% of Italy's population was slaves.2.One gladiator show lasted 117 days with 10000 gladiators.3. A rich man may own up to about 500 slaves!4. Emporoers usually had more than 20000slaves at their disposel.


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