Roman Slaves

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Roman Slaves

How were slaves treated?In Rome, enslaved people were treated cruelly. Slaves were punished for poor work and running away.

Slaves in Ancient Rome

Slaves in ancient Rome were forced to do slave labor. Many slaves were educated and became doctors, artistans or teachers.

Fun Facts1.A slave could become a gladiator or person who fights for the entertainment of others2.Roman slaves were people Rome captured in it's conquests.3. Some slaves were freed because they were their owner's favorite.4. slave's lives depended on their owner5. Some slaves were paid to work and could pay their owners to set them

What did Roman slaves do?

What Was a Gladiator and What Was Their Purpose?

A gladiator was a slave, criminal, or poor person who fought other gladiators or animals. A gladiator's purpose was to fight gladiators or animals for entertainment of Romans. Gladiator fights occured on land or water in many places.

How Did Slavery Affect Rome?

When the first Roman slaves came, the plebians worked on farms. The Plebians had debts to pay off because they were fighting in the Punic Wars. Because of this the Plebians sold their land to pay off the debt. Then, the rich Romans used the slaves to create large farms or latifundias. This is how slavery affected Rome.

Why did Romans have slaves?

Romans had slaves to help them do their jobs. Some slaves were freed if they pay their owner money.

Why Was Slavery So Common in Ancient Rome?

But I don't want to be a gladiator!

Ancient Rome had so many slaves be cause everyone who they conquered, was enslaved and sold at Rome. Most laondowners had 1-2 slaves.


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