Roman science and engineering

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Roman science and engineering

Medicine first came to Rome from the Greeks. During the time when Rome was a republic, Romans opened medical schools. Doctors used treatments that were scientific,,but, hey also used their own religious rituals to cure and care for Romans. Some doctors worked in tents where the soldiers lived. They learned about anatomy and surgery , specifically to treat and care for soldiers' wounds. Some Roman doctors worked with wealthy Romans in their homes, while others worked in hospitals. The richest Romans had personal doctors that came to their homes to take care of them and their families. Romans that weren't as rich had to go to the hospital to have regular check-ups.

The Romans were planners. They carefully planned each detail so everything would work out perfectly. The Romans' water system had to be very well done because is was used in the lavatories and in the public baths. The Romans first built bridges with wooden stakes, but then made improvments and constructed the bridges with blocks of stone.


Roman Science and Engineering


Roman buildings are regarded as some of the strongest, best built buildings in ancient history. Some Roman-built structures are still standing today. Two examples are the Parthenon, the second largest dome in the world, and the Closseum , which could hold over 600,000 people.

Impressive Ingenuity

Romans primarily built roads to aid the movement of their soldiers. As the empire grew, it became harder and harder to travel from city to city. To build roads for easy travel, the constructors looked for the flatest strips of land. To prevent floods, they dug a ditch called a camber. Travel was made easier through the use of wo-wheeled and also four-wheeled carriages.

Romans found a way to build a strong wall to keep enemies out. The strong material they invented was concrete. The Romans came up with this idea in the 2nd century B.C. They built concrete with volcanic ash. Concrete was used for building walls, city walls and roads for trade and travel.

Roads and Travel


When constructing buildings and bridges Romans used tools. These tools were the stone mason's square, cutting tool, tongs, trowel and axe. Medical tools were needles, scalpels, tongs, hooks and forceps. The doctors put these tools into an instrument case.

Building and Medical Tools

Types of Doctors

Both women and men were allowed to be doctors. Typically there were more male doctors than female. Women rarely were partnered with men, prefering instead to work seperately. Women usually worked as mid-wives helping to deliver Roman babies.

Who worked harder, male or female doctors?

Fun FactsRome was found in 753 B.C.Roman army could march up to 40 km a day.To become a man you have to burn all your toys. By 113 B.C Rome had all of the Med. Sea and some of Europe.


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