Roman Numerals

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Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals

How are the symbols are used to write numbers?Using the symbols I, V, X, L, C, D and M you canmake lots of numbers instead of using 'I' multiple times to make large numbers you can only useeach symbol 3 times in a row. If you were to write4 it would be IV because V is 5 and I is 1the I is put infront of the V and it is like taking 1away from 5 to make 4. If the I was after the Vit would be VI or 6.

Calculating with Roman Numerals-+202 +CCII 350 CCCL 552 DLIIThese addition operations do not look thesame at all but are actually the same.With Roman numerals we do not use placevalue in the same way. Zeros are not usedin Roman Numerals.

The Hindu-Arabic system and Roman Numerals both use place value when you are writing them. If you put the I before the V instead of after, it changes its value. With Roman Numerals they don't have any decimals. The Roman Numerals only have 7 symbols but the Hindu-Arabic system has ten symbols, the numerals 0 to 9. Larger numbers are made up of combinations of these numerals..


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