Roman Invasion

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Roman Invasion

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The Roman conquest in England determined the passage from a not organized, tribal society, to a more evolved and complex form of social organization. During the Roman domination the first great cities were founded and the first roads were built. The Roman invasion also had a very important influence on the local Germanic languages; this explains how a significant portion of the English vocabulary comes from latin and Romance languages.

The Romans' presence on the British territory

The Roman Invasion

History periods

1)The Roman invasion of England began with Giulio Cesare in 55 B.C. but these military operations didn't bring to any territorial conquest. 2)In the 43 A.D. the emperor Claudio with an army of four legions decided to invade Britain to create a new province. 3)The Roman presence on the English territory finished in the 410 A.D. because the Roman legions were involved in the defence of other territories.

In order to defend from Norther and Caledonian populations, Romans built numerous defenses. An example is The Hadrian's Wall built in 122 A.D. according to the will of the emperior Hadrian himself.


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