Roman gladiators

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Roman gladiators

B.C. The name came from the Roman word gladius which means sword.The Coloseum Was used for entertaining the Roman people. The gladiators fought in the Colossuem. The Colossuem was so well built that it could be flooded and do water battles.


Gladiators are people that fight other gladiators, wild animals, or criminals to the death for entertainment.

A sucessful gladiator would be rich and famous. Most gladiators were slaves forced to battle, but some gladiators were normal Roman citizens. The gladiators battles were famous because people loved to watch there battles, but some people hated the battles. It may seem crazy, but there were accually women gladiators.

Origion or Gladiators

The first gladiator battle was when three men battled to the death during a funeral in 264

Roman Gladiators



This is a Roman Gladiator helmet

The gladiators fought animals, because the animal sacrifices root back to the creation of Rome. They fought bears, lions, and leapords. Most of the animals come from North Africa Roman Provinces, but after many hunts for the animals, the animals left.

Roman Beasts


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