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Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is the center of of life in Rome. This place has very important documets[The Law of the Twelve Tables], temples, and goverment buildings. The forum was a great place for Romans to chat, shop, and gossip. Romans looked like they had their own ecosystem because they had to wear togas that sympoled Roman citizenship and also they looked like they lived in a specific community with people of their kind.

What was in the Roman Forum??

. All Roman citizen had to wear togas. The togas represented Roman citzenship.. The Roman forum was also a place where the Law of the Twelve Tables was located. This was very important for the Romans because it protected the rights of many Romans and also protected may particans.. The goverment was another important place in the forum to meet and also it was a very popluar place for the Romans to meet, chat, gossip, and shop. . The temple is all the way on the top, so it overlooks the the forum. And the temples name is !The Temple of Jupiter! Also the hill is where some of Rome's grandest temples stood overlooking the forum.. The senate met here to advise consuls and to hold office for life.

Everthing that is in the Roman Forum

The Roman Ecosystem

This temple is the "Temple of Jupiter', it overlooks the Roman Forum.

Many Romans met here to advise consusl.(Curia is the senate house)

Was an important place to meet and also it was very popular for many Romans.

The Roman forum was the heart of ancient Rome. The Romans gossiped, shoped, and ate some snacks.

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Analogies-Magistrates is to biotic factors as Temple is to abiotic factor. This means that a magistrate is living organism and a temple is a non-living organism-Roman Forum is to ecosystem as Species is to specific animal. This means that the forum is a complete ecosystem because it consists of different living and non-living organisms.Species means a certain type of animal.ex blue breasted gobie.

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