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Social Studies
Ancient History

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The legend says that the Roman Empire begun when two kids named Romulus and Remus were abandoned. They were raised by a wolf that found them. When theyn wee big enough to take care of themselves the wolf decided to let them live in the way they knew.Romulus and Remus wanted to buit a city, so they invited freemen and slaves( for them it didn't matter)to live with them. But Romulus and Remus had a fight on who will be the leader. at last Romulus killed Remus and he became the first ruler of Rome. The people of rome built a big army and conqured lots of lands becoming an empire. The Roman empire grew and grew until it covered a giant teritory: parts of Erope, of Asia and even parts of Africa.


The romans influenced us in many ways. For example they were the first to have sewers.The romans were the encesters of the romanian people.



The Roman Empire was a very modern empire for that age.

They were veryorganised too.

...that the Roman Empire succeded in repiling its enemies for over 1000 years?... that the romans used lots of good strategies for fighting such as the turtle?...that they were the most expanded and modern empire at that age?

Did you know...

The romans hadtheir own mitho-logy. They belived in gods such asNeptune or Jupiter.the romans worshiped their gods ofering themfood or other goods.



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