Roman Empire

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Roman Empire

Julius Caesar was assisanated by different senators, including some on his friends. He was stabbed to death on the senate floor.

Rome was growing fast, many Romans neglected their duties. This lead to a civil war.

For many years after Caesar's death many Roman leaders struggled to gain power. This led to a civil war. Octavian, Caesar's great-nephew, eventually won. He took the name Augusts. He was given the title Emperor and was Rome's first emperor. However, he preferred to be called "first citizen". he brought back senators and counsuls, but he had the most power. He brought stability to Rome once again.

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar came along after the civil war and became known as supporter of the common people, we was very well liked. Caesar fought a long battle and the senate was worried about how much power he had, so they asked him to break up his army. Instead of doing that he marched his army right into Italy and took control of Rome. Caesar was named dictator for life. The senate was worried about slipping back into a monarchy and they didn't want to have a king.

Pax Roman means "Roman Peace". Pax Romana started during Augustus' rule and lasted for 200 years. It was a time of great prosperity in Rome. Citizen prospered and Government florished. The Roman army diring this time was extremely strong. During this time a common currency or money helped unite Rome. Their money was called Denarius. Even though many new emperors came and went in Rome, Augustus had built such a strong society that it remained an important for many years.

Octavian, AKA Augustus





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