Roman Empire Timeline

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Roman Empire Timeline

Roman Empire Timeline

753 B.C.

After 800 B.C. other groups moved into the region where the Romans lived. One of the groups was called the Greeks, and the other was known as the Etruscans. From about 750 B.C. to 500 B.C., Greeks settled in farming villages in southern Italy. The Etruscans eventually took control of Rome and its surrounding area. The Etruscans were ruled by nobles, who grew wealthy from trading and from mining. Greeks introduced grape and olive farming to the region. Etruscans taught the Romans to build with brick and to roof their homes with tile. The Romans adopted the Etruscans fashion which was short cloaks and togas. Finally the Etruscan army that the Romans would later create.

After 800 B.C.

In 509 B.C. the Romans overthrew Tarquin the proud, the Etruscans king, and established a republic. Arepublic is a form of government in which citizens elect their leaders. The creation of a republic began a new era. Legions were Roman soldiers. Each legion had about 6,000 soldiers. When Rome became a republic Rome was still a small empire. Most of the Roman soldiers were well armed. The Roman repubic was able to acquire land because its strong army. They were able to do this because they were well armed with ashort double-edged iron sword called a gladius, and a iron spear called a pilium.

509 B.C.

297 B.C.

The Punic wars were against Carthage and Rome. They were three wars the first one Rome beat Carthage with its strong army. Then Carthage beat Rome in its next war because of its strong army. Then in the 3rd war Rome defeated Carthage . Rome also won other wars inthe east Mediterranean region. They were also different types of people the Plebians and the Patricians. The Plebians were poor and did not have much rights, but the Patricians had many rights. And the problem between the rich and poor. Julius Caesar was a dictator but the people loved him. He commanded the army and he was the first dictator for life. Caesar developed a new calender called the Julius Caesar calendar, and he also had many wars won in his time.

264 B.C.

A.D. 180

In addition of having a strong army they ruled efficiently. When they took land they sended troops to protect it. After they sende troops they built houses and villages. As a result it was easier for Romans to move to battles because of there owned land. But still the republic grew stronger and more unified.

Octavian marked the beginning of a new era. The Pax Romna. When Augustus died many rulers came that were good and some were bad. One bad leader was Nero. He killed his family and was a crazy leader. After Nero died Rome restored peace. Five good leaders were the most capable rulers in Rome. Agriculture flourished during this time along with trading. But most city dwellers and farmers remained poor, and many other people remained slaves.

In 753 B.C. Rome was settled on the Italian Peninsula. People and goods moved with little difficulty through passes in Italy's rugged mountains. Italy has sunny, mild climate and fertile farmland. Several different legends describe how Rome began. One of the legeng involves twin brothers, Romulus and Remus. A female wolf cared for them. A shepherd and his found and raised the twins. As the brothers grew up they planned to build a city along the Tiber River. However they argued about the construction of the city. In the end Romulus killed his brother Remus. That is how Rome might have started but no one knows.


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