Roman Empire

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Roman Empire

Geography-Romans relied on the oceans for trade.-Rome was built on a low ground instead of on high ground. -Rome had high defense towers-They had many hills and mountains which protedted them from invadors.

Roman Empire

Classic CivilizationA Classical Civilization is a long period of time that started along the Mediteranian sea area. It started in Greece and then led onto new areas. The Roman Empire relates to a Classical Civilization because after the Greeks ruled the Roman Empire took over.

TradeThe Roman Empire used the sea to trade many of their prodeucts. They used ships to sail across the Mediterranian sea.They traded through their empire.

Lasting legacies-Our law system is based on the Romans-The colosseum is still in Rome-They spread christianty throught the world-Many buildings built during the Roman Empire ares still there.T

Belief systmes-The Romans believed in Christianity. -They spread this religion through a lot of the world.-Religion created many wars-polytheistic-They believed in Greek gods and godesses.

what is unique about the Roman Empire-Many new buildings-Traded through the Meditteranian -Had Gladiators that would fight to their deaths-Plays and shows were performend.

Political systemAugustus TiberiusGaius Germanicus CaligulaClaudius Nero Galba OthoThey were all political leaders in the Roman Empire. Romans would gather at an assembly to elect their officials. They were democratic

Decline of Roman Empire-The barbarians would attack them-People didnt pay their taxes-Most people were poor-didnt have enough money for defence




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